darthking2000 (darthking2000) wrote in scottkingfans,

this is the response
wow i love ur greg but there are a couple of things here u got wrong
1. didnt say u needed a passport to get to canada just said my po took it
2. it takes 20 hrs to get to canada
3. i wasnt that high when i drove the gulf disaster is what sent it up
4. its not tht hard to make money when u buy cigeratees at 3.00 a pac and sell it for 8.00 in new york
5. i still have money left over
6 the big one yea they saw me in the mall
cause i left monday got there late tuesday came back thursday got here friday
mapquest it really works so they saw me at the mall on the weekend cause i said be to cournty and pat and adam and a buetifull chick named bre
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