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Scott...the hero

You guys might not know me or you might when I tell you this but scott fought for me one time. Before that day I met scott one day when we were swordfighting [well stickfighting but erm..u know what i mean]and on the first day he kicked my ass. Well the second time we fought he used a giant branch[big mistake] while i used a short stick. And I finally beat him. After that we became friends b/c of the fight and we almost got in trouble. Well long after that these other black guys were picking on me. So I tried not to say anything and thats when Scott jumped in. Well they brought the fight outside of the lunchroom and everyone in the area was watching. I didn't want scott to defend me. I just wanted to leave it be but he said "No someone's got to stand up for you Vido" and I still dont get why he was sacrificing himself to help me out. Then I realized he was a true friend. Anywho I fought this one black guy and the guy punched him and punched him then someone threw a snackpack pudding at scott causing him to bleed on his neck. I felt really responsible for what happened. And I still feel bad everyday b/c of it. I could have stopped the fight but i didn't....i'm just a weak loser... :(
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